Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sephora by OPI Gleek Out!

A (somewhat) recent nail that I really liked...Sephora by OPI Gleek Out! from their Glee collection.

(enlarge it to see the detail!!)
This is exactly the kinda polish I love...the bright, foil, juicy looking ones that show just a hint of visible nail line, in the same vein as Express Yourself to Yourself. This was either 2 or 3 coats...I think 3, because since it was a mini bottle, it looked kinda streaky (dang mini brushes!)
This color is so unique in my collection. Although, the OPI Serena Williams color Simply Smashing is fairly close to this, I believe...? I don't have it to compare, but from what I've seen they look pretty similar. I know a lot of people don't like "weird" yellow-greenish colors, but really the shimmer in this keeps it from looking at all gross or anything. Personally, I think the color is different and eye-catching without being too out-there...I know my mom (the queen of reds and pinks!) would disagree, but so be it. (Orange and purple are as far from her comfort zone as she'll go with her fingernails, but she will wear teals and blues on her toes. She's actually what started my polish addiction a while back, so I'm grateful to her!)
As I said, I used the mini bottle of this, but it's also available in a full size bottle (which I'm feeling quite tempted to buy...). Although, truthfully minis are good for me since I don't really use most of my lacquers more than once. Anywho...

Sincerely, Cat

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