Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OPI Not Like the Movies with OPI Significant Other Color

Here's some recent experimental layering I did...this is OPI Not Like the Movies, with Significant Other Color.
Since NLtM is duochrome-y, I wanted to try to make it even MORE duochrome-y by adding SOC...yeah, didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Still turned out kinda cool, though.
I started off with 2 coats of NLtM, which is a duochrome silver that flashes pink and green and has silver microglitter in it. I had hoped one coat of SOC would bring out the pink and green flashes, but it actually sort of masked it. It still looked cool...it turned out as a pale silver with slight green and pink tones. SOC also pretty much covered up the little microglitter in NLtM. I do like how it looks, but NLtM is definitely more duochrome-y without SOC, and SOC stands out more over darker colors.
I remember I wore Significant Other Color once by itself last year...like 4 coats, and it wasn't even close to opaque, but it was still really cool...in some light it was this boring purple-pink, and then it hit the right light and BAM...green. Like I said, though, it looks good over darker colors. And Not Like the Movies was my Valentine's mani last year, with a coat of Nicole Love Your Life (or whatever it's called)...the pink heart-shape glitter. That mani wasn't too bad. Speaking of which, I even have a picture of it on my phone from last year...
Yeah, like blurriest pic ever, lol. So weird I still have that. I mean, Feb 14, 2011! Wow!! And looking through my phone pics...wow, a lot of random nail pics, haha. I have like the whole OPI Texas collection pics saved. Dang, I loved that collection. So much. That was a great one. Big Hair, Big Nails...I'm gonna have to wear that one again soon. Great color. Love it.

Anyways, now that that reminiscing is over...

Sincerely, Cat

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Altar

Here's my permanent favorite green in my collection! This is Sephora by OPI Leaf Him at the Altar. I bought this color almost 2 years ago, and it's been a fixture for me...I've used it for manis and pedis soo many times! (It's a perfect pedi color for sure!)
So this is 2 coats, and one of Seche Vite. Application was great, no problems there. SOPI's brush isn't my very top choice (I wish they used the OPI ProWide brush!) but it is still one of my favorites...good for very smooth application.
Love this....it's a shimmery golden-green. It's a spring color, but it works year-round, I think. And the name...well, it's extremely corny, and it has nothing to do with the actual polish, but it's still bearable, haha. It's not the worst polish name I've ever heard, lol.

Anyways, I just adore this polish! Like I said, my staple green!

Sincerely, Cat

Sunday, January 15, 2012

OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

New instant favorite!
This is OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. I wore this as my pedi for the past 2 or 3 weeks (no chipping or anything...but I decided to change it last night) and I loved it, so I decided to do a mani with it. Let me just say...this has changed my opinion on reds.
Normally I don't really like reds...at all. But this one is perfect. 2 super even coats, and one of Seche Vite. Perfectly opaque, no application problems at all, the brush is great, and it's the perfect shade of bright, bright red without being too blue or too orange.
I really think I could wear this color all the time and not get sick of it (for a little while, at least...hahaha). Seriously...I'm raving so much but this color is worth it. Maybe it's just because I own so few reds, but this is really a standout red to me.

Well, I'll end my raving for now! And this is totally unrelated but it's big news to me...a couple days ago I got asked to my school's prom and I'm soo excited! It's still 3 months away but the chaos around it already started a couple weeks ago. Everyone is freaking about dresses and stuff lately and I just can't decide what color to look for...because once I pick that out, I have to figure out what polish to wear on my nails! I'm thinking maybe purple, or coral...or royal blue for a dress? Ughh I have no idea! Haha but anyways....

Sincerely, Cat

Monday, January 9, 2012

OPI Princesses Rule!

Random recent nail: OPI Princesses Rule! Kind of a palette cleansing, sheer mani...going through my untrieds and figured I'd try this one out.
I used two coats here, and one of Seche Vite...could definitely use 3 coats, being that it's a sheer pink. I didn't want to wait for 3 coats to dry though, haha. It's pretty...nothing to write home about. It reminds me of cupcake icing and dainty fairies and stuff. Hahaha. It's just a sheer pink with really pretty silver shimmer/glitter/whatever the heck it is. Again, not a polish that I think every single person needs to rush out and buy, but I do like it.

Sincerely, Cat

Friday, January 6, 2012

Belated NYE mani (FLAKIES!) : OPI Merry Midnight and Nails Inc. the Donmar

So, since New Year's Eve was one week ago from tomorrow, I figured I should probably get my mani from that night posted eventually...lol. I wanted to do something different than how I usually do my nails, and, seriously, who doesn't love flakies? I think it's already apparent that flakies are gonna be having a big year coming up, so why not kick off 2012 with them?
I started off with OPI Merry Midnight (because, obviously, the name is perfect for NYE!). I considered stopping after that...it was already really pretty and flaky...but then I thought about my still-unused bottle of Nails Inc the Donmar and how beautiful that would look paired with it. So, on went Donmar.
What you see here is three coats of Merry Midnight, one coat of Donmar, and one coat of Seche Vite. You can really get away with 2 coats of MM, but I wanted to max out the flaky prettiness of it and make sure it was a dark enough purple that there'd be enough of a contrast with Donmar. What I really like about this is that the flakes in MM are red, and in Donmar they obviously shift color, from red-orange to vibrant green, so you can see the red flakies peeking up through the green. Plus, MM has pretty little pieces of glitter and other random stuff in it, which adds even more to this mani.
So...flakies! I took like a million pictures of this, and I had a super difficult time choosing which pictures showed it off best. My pics without flash turned out best, but they only really showed off the green flash of the flakies. Oh well. Still love, love, love this.

What a mani to kick off 2012!

Sincerely, Cat