Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jindie Nails Rave

I. Love. This!

Here's Rave by Jindie Nails! I can't stop looking at my nails. I just adore this.

I used 2 coats here and one of Seche Vite. I think 2 coats is the perfect amount, at 3 you just cover up a little too much of the glitter, unless you do really really thin coats. Application on this was awesome. I didn't have to do any fishing and I got a great variety of glitter on my nails. I did set my bottle upside down for 5-10 minutes before applying, not sure if that makes much difference but it usually helps with glitters.

In real life, the glitter's a little bit brighter, but it was hard to capture in the pictures. The neon just looks perfect with the milky white base. Ugh. Gorgeous. And my nails are actually at a pretty good length right now. I've been growing them for a few weeks, and they're getting longer, slowly but surely. I keep debating if I wanna go back to square tips or stay rounded! The eternal question. I think I'll stay rounded for a little while longer.

Oh and speaking of Jindie, my backordered Honey Blue Blue shipped the other day! Exciting! It's supposed to be here by Friday, I just can't wait! And of course since I have absolutely no self-control, I'm already planning my next Llarowe order...Candy Land, you will be mine.

Sincerely, Cat

Monday, March 18, 2013

Pastel cheetah nail art...

My mediocre attempt at nail art. Cheetah print is about as advanced as I go, lol.

Yeah...personally I think it looks better from far away than it does close up, but I actually don't think it turned out too bad! I used 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow as the base. For the spots I used 4 of my frankens (obviously, a random blue, pink, purple, and green), and for the outline on the spots, I used Deborah Lippmann Stormy Weather. I thought the grey would be a little less harsh with the pastels than black, which is what I usually use for cheetah nail art.
So, yeah, I'm obviously not much of a nail artist, but I thought this looked fun and really didn't turn out too bad. I had a lot of people asking me if I did these myself, if they were polish strips, etc. And I got a lot of compliments on them, so I can't complain!
I've been getting into nail art recently, which sucks because I'm just sooo bad at it!! Maybe if I keep working I'll get somewhat decent at it, though. Who knows.

Sincerely, Cat

Monday, March 11, 2013

Emily de Molly The Fifth Element

Uber-excited to post this. This is one of the prettiest polishes I've worn in a long time!

This is Emily de Molly the Fifth Element, one of the new polishes I bought from Llarowe a few weeks ago. How gorgeous is it?!
I used two coats here, and one of Seche Vite. Turquoise creme-jelly base, larger orange hex glitter, smaller blue and orange hexes, and some smaller blue glitter. I swear, the orange and blue are the perfect combination. The crelly base lets the glitter peek out perfectly.
Application was perfect. No troubles at all. I did put my bottle upside down an hour or two before doing my nails so the larger glitter would go on my nails easier. I also tried to do thinner coats so the glitter would be more visible...not sure how good of a job I did on that but I tried my best, haha. Also, this being my first EdM, I noticed that the brush and the formula were really great.
Seriously, I'm loving this. I really don't want to take this off my nails, except for the fact that I want to try my other new Llarowe polishes! Lol.

Sincerely, Cat

Llarowe Haul

I'm back! It has seriously been FOREVER since I've posted, and I've missed blogging so much. I absolutely needed to post this though, because I'm just so excited about it! Check it out.

My first order ever from Llarowe! Eeep!!
I actually ordered 5 polishes but one is backordered (which is Jindie Nails Honey Blue Blue), but the 4 I have are (from l-r) Jindie Nails I'm a Star Dot Com, Jindie Nails Rave, Emily de Molly The Fifth Element, and Emily de Molly Flutterby Garden. How gorgeous are they?!
So far I've tried I'm a Star and Fifth Element (I'm actually wearing Fifth right now) and they are just stunning as can be. I didn't photo I'm a Star but I for sure will soon, and I'll be posting Fifth shortly. I am sooo excited to try the others as well!
Never having ordered from Llarowe before, I have to say, they are AWESOME! I had no issues with shipping or anything like that, and my polishes all arrived safely and timely (besides the backordered one of course, but I actually don't think it's a bad thing...now I have something else to look forward to!) And of course, I'm now already deciding which polishes to order next. Ha.

Sincerely, Cat