Monday, June 27, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible

I've had this one for a few months now and I have no idea why I hadn't used it so far. Call Me Irresponsible is a purple jelly. I'd heard mixed things about this color before buying it, some people saying it was a perfect formula, perfect color, and all that good stuff...and others saying even after 4-5 coats, it didn't reach bottle color, and that it was a streaky mess, etc. While I don't think I could go with either extreme, if I had to pick a side, I'd say it's much more good than bad...does that even make sense gramatically?
I used 3 coats here (even though I hear 4 is perfect!). The first coat...fairly streaky. Second coat, I began to worry a bit: would it ever be dark enough? And third coat, perfection. It turned out way red toned and as you can see, not much like bottle color...but I like it that way. Instead of a dense, stark purple, it's more soft and shiny. It really does look kind of like a red grape (which I call purple mom used to look at me weird when I was little and called them that, haha), if they were lighter. And brighter. But anyways.
Deborah has proven her talent yet again! This color is unique (there's not many purple jellies out there...frankly, there's not many jellies at all out there!), and I do have to admit that once you get past 2 coats, the formula is killer. I'm sure if you went with 4, or even 5 (or even more...) you could get pretty darn close to bottle color. Plus! Jellies can always be layered over white/another more opaque color similar to the jelly, to appear more opaque.
I don't regret this at fact, I'd buy this color again in a heartbeat. As I often say...Lippmann can do no wrong!

Sincerely, Cat

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