Monday, June 6, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues

Another oldie...this was my Thanksgiving 2010 mani.

Only one picture this time! I really love this color..and all Lippmanns, I guess you could just say. But I had some problems as you can see from the picture...
First of all...the smell. Anyone else who owns this polish notice that weird odor that this has? I mean, I know nail polish doesn't have the greatest scent in the world...but this is beyond that. It's almost kind of...skunk-y. It's not that bad though that I would never use this again or anything, it was just kind of odd. And once the lacquer dried, I couldn't smell it anymore. If you think I'm on drugs right now or something...I'm not! The reason I took notice of the smell in the first place is because I was looking at the Nordstrom online reviews before I bought this, and someone mentioned the weird odor. I thought they must be a bit odd in the head or something, but I noticed it too. Weird.
Also, the application on this looks really sloppy: I was in a huge rush to get it done, so it didn't look that great and it didn't last long. On the side of the thumb, you can see where it's already started to peel...and this picture was taken the same day I did these nails! Moral of the story: don't rush on your nails!
I got this polish in the All That Jazz set at the Nordstrom sale last summer. Not sure if it's still sold, but the three polishes (this one, Razzle Dazzle, and Some Enchanted Evening) from the set are now sold separately on Deborah's website. I love all three of them, but Lady is probably my favorite. The set was an awesome deal, too...3 lacquers for $40, and they're $18 each. Yay, bargain shopping! Woo!!

Sincerely, Cat