Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My (not-so-patriotic) 4th of July

I did two different nails for the 4th this year...one of my newer frankens for the 3rd of July, and an OPI for the 4th.

First was one of my more recent-ish frankens, I'm Not Your Bitch. The name's a little bit random, but I got it partially from one of my friends who always calls her boyfriend her bitch...which is pretty amusing. And then also from the line from Marina and the Diamonds' song "Hermit the Frog", "Did you find your bitch in me?" Anyways, just thought I'd include an explanation.
I was trying to make a red franken for once (for some reason, I always get blues and greens...which is fine with me, but I like to get different colors too), and I obviously succeeded...thing is, I'm not really a red kind of person. To me, all reds pretty much fit one of two categories: bright red, or vampy wine-colored red. And truthfully, while I like to have a few bottles of each, I think it's a little ridiculous how some people buy bottles and bottles of reds that look almost identical. To me, reds are just kind of boring, but to each her own.
In real life, it looked a bit darker than this, almost sort of a vampy color. Kind of a jelly-ish finish, too. It's nice though, it has some different colors of shimmer in it...some teeny flecks of pink, gold, etc. It was interesting because when I went outside, it looked almost like more of a berry color, while inside it looked like a vampy brick red. So I decided to call this a "brick berry" shade. Hey, I made the color...I can call it whatever I want!

For the actual 4th, I went with an untried OPI that I got last fall. I used OPI Yodel Me on My Cell from their Swiss collection last fall (love love loved that collection!) I really can't believe I hadn't used this one yet.

The pictures of this don't do it justice...this blue is gorgeous! I originally didn't pick up this color the first time I saw the Swiss collec, but I'm glad I eventually bought it. It looks darker in real life, almost (as I like to call it) a navy teal. And along with that, the VNL doesn't actually look like that in real life...in fact, looking at my nails now, I can't see any VNL! Darn unforgiving cameras. Although, maybe I should've used three coats...or at least thicker coats. Ah well.

Sincerely, Cat

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