Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Have I ever gone on a rant about my favorite book(s)? My favorite YA fiction, I guess. The Hunger Games. The Maze Runner. Sigh.
The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, was a pretty good trilogy, except for the last book. Maybe I'll talk about that some other time. I'm not gonna go shooting off about it right now. But the series, as a whole, was really good. And, the Maze Runner trilogy. WHOA. Now THAT is some good readin'. The second book, The Scorch Trials, came in the mail a while ago (it just came out Oct 12) and I finished it this weekend. My, my, my. I can't even begin to comprehend how awesome that book is.
The first book (by the way, this series is written by James Dashner) came out last fall, and I was slightly intrigued when I first saw it. I didn't give it much thought, though. My friend read it and recommended it to me, so I had to read it, and, WOW. It truly blew me away.
I was left counting down the days until the sequel was released. Believe it or not, Scorch was even better than Maze. Fur real. And now, again, I am left waiting until the conclusion of the series--The Death Cure--comes out.
I'm serious now. The Maze trilogy is pretty much at the top of my book list of awesomeness. And that's not an exaggeration. So now I command you, my young padawons, to go read it.
Sincerely for the day, Catttt

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Current playlist

What I have on repeat lately:
-Oxford Comma--Vampire Weekend
-Anything by Regina Spektor...mostly Soviet Kitsch right now
-Memories--Weezer (an album inspired by Lost? Hell yeah!)
-Marina and the Diamonds...again, pretty much all of The Family Jewels album
-I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer--the Cardigans (I really only started listening to this song for the title, but I'm basically addicted to it now)
-Penny Sparkle--Blonde Redhead
-The Lobster Quadrille--Franz Ferdinand (I love FF and I love Alice in Wonderland...although the recent movie sucked)
-Follow Me Down--3OH!3 feat Neon Hitch (I hate 3OH!3 but I love this song)
-Clap Your Hands--Sia
-The Pierces's album 13 Tales of Love and Revenge...especially Go To Heaven...God, I love that song!
-Anya Marina's cover of Whatever You Like (originally by some rapper...T.I, I think?)
-F*** You!--Cee-Lo
-Any Lily Allen, pretty much
-Robyn's new Body Talk Pt. 2...and Body Talk Pt. 1, still, of course.
-Zombie--the Cranberries
-and...embarrassingly...Tear It Down, from Camp Rock 2. I know, I know, it's a cheesy little Disney Channel movie, but seriously. It's uber-catchy and it's total bubble-gum-hip-hop. I absolutely love it.
Wow...that's a longer list than I expected to write!

Love and Cranberries to all, Cat

Monday, September 20, 2010

My favorite green

I don't have a very favorite color (I like ALL of them equally! :] ), but I do know a good green when I see one. And I'm here today to show you my favoritest green! Now let's get started...

I really like Sephora by OPI. I could probably live in Sephora. My greatest dream in life is to work at Sephora...don't even ask me why. And when they started selling a full range of nail polish there (last summer, I think?), I thought my little heart almost wouldn't be able to take it. Naturally, given my love of Sephora and OPI, they are great combined.

This past spring, the 6-piece collection was a hodge-podge of modern art influences and flowers...erm, yeah. It was, very creatively, titled "Modern Flowers." I started off getting the set of 4 minis (see? Minis are, like, my life!), but I really loved one particular color in the set. The other three were kind of duds...a really good glitter, but mini bottles of glitter only have enough polish for maybe one full mani; an average purple creme, nothing terrible, nothing groundbreaking; and a TERRIBLE light pinkish-purple (I'll post about that one very soon!) But, the set was worth it, because of...

Leaf Him At the Altar. Punny! Crappy name aside, this is a fantaaastic green. When I first saw it, I thought, "Eh, green. Looks good, but not GREAT." Wow, was I wrong!

This color is sooo delicious. I don't know much about skin tones, but I think I flattered my pale skin pretty well. It's green with a sort of gold shimmer, but I don't really think words describe it very well. Pictures don't do it justice either (especially my crappy webcam pics!), but I'll give you a glimpse into the magnificence (is that even a word??) that is LHAtA.

See? The picture is terrible. But the polish is AWESOME. My nails were at a really good length then, too (this pic was taken around May). I just HAD to buy a full size bottle of this!

Usually, I wear a polish once and then it sits in the drawer forever. This summer, though, it was pretty crazy, because I used this polish THREE TIMES. And that was just on my fingernails! I also used it at least twice on my toes, and it held up sooo well, considering that I wear flip-flops every day. I think it literally lasted on my toes for two weeks! Impressive!

Well, this post is getting quite long, so I better end it. Until next time...

Love and leaves to all, Cat

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Essie Fall 2010 Minis

Dear everyone who is not reading this blog (but should be! :] )

This weekend's haul brought me a few products I'd been salivating over. First, China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, and CG Kiwi Cool-ada (from the spring/summer Poolside collection. I know, I'm a bit late to the party. Ah well). Second, the OPI (OPI is my number one brand, hands down!) Go Goth Halloween mini set for this year. Third, the Essie Summer 2010 mini set (for some reason, I always refer to this collection as the Demure Vixen collection. Anyways.). And lastly, the Essie Fall 2010 mini set. (Really, Essie, did you just give up on naming your collections? lol)

Yes, as you can tell, I am a mini set aficianado! I never use up a full bottle of polish anyways, and minis are so adorable. :) OPI's minis sort of agitate me, though, because they don't have labels on the bottom of the bottle so I can never remember the name of the polish. Essie's minis, on the other hand, do.

Sorry to jump from topic to topic--but this post is about the Essie Fall minis!!! Again--off topic--but most of my Essie stash is mini bottles. I really only buy their seasonal polishes, because their permanent collection is basically all nudes/pinks/etc....which is not for me!

The set includes Little Brown Dress (brown, obviously), Sew Psyched (army green-ish with a teensy bit of shimmer), Merino Cool (the ever-popular greige), and Limited Addiction (dark cherry reddish). As of now, I'm wearing Little Brown Dress (LOVE the name!). I've been wearing it for two or three days now, and it's holding up really well, considering how dark it is. Very minimal tipwear. Sidenote--I always use Sephora by OPI base coat and Seche Vite top coat (BEST TOP COAT EVAR!)

I really love wearing dark browns in the fall. I'm not a big fan of the whole black nail thing, but a nice brown is a great alternative. Without further ado, here is the pic (albeit, taken by a crappy webcam like always).

Love and brown dresses to all, Cat

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My nails at the moment

My first NOTD (nail of the day, of course). I bought the Deborah Lippmann All That Jazz set a couple weeks ago, during the big Nordstrom sale. I swear, I have NO self control! I hadn't tried any of the three lacquers until last night, when glitter fever hit me hard. I was looking through my unused nail polish drawer and saw Razzle Dazzle.

And I can't BELIEVE I haven't used it yet. I love love love it. It's a raspberry jelly-ish base with magenta glitter. Beeeauuuutiful. The only problem is my yucky short nails. My nails have to be super short for cheerleading. So, anyways, it's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to paint my nails when they're this short. They were a mess. I tried cleaning it up, and it does look better, but still not perfect.

Another thing...my camera is broken! So I had to settle for taking a pic with my webcam. And, so the glitterific-ness is magnified, I used one of those wacky effects on the picture (That's why I have, like, 6 and a half fingers!). Anyways, without further ado...

Crappy pic, beautiful nail polish. Love. I have to say, the set was well worth the money. Actually, it was a pretty good deal...$40 for 3 polishes, which are normally $18 a piece. I also bought Happy Birthday and it's literally my favorite polish ever. This was my first Lippmann purchase, and I was very very happy with it! I was hoping they'd have Ruby Red Slippers in stock (they didn't), but, you win some, you lose some.

Love and glitter to all, Cat

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello to all

Hi everyone! For some reason (I'm assuming this blog isn't going to be hopping with visitors or anything anytime soon) I thought I would just include a little article-y blurb thing on me. So, anyways, here goes.

I love nail polish, and books (I just finished Mockingjay!!!), and Billy Joel, and cheerleading, and alternative-pop music (especially Regina Spektor, and The Pierces), and marching band. I love algebra but HATE geometry! I have a natural knack for spelling and grammar. I LOVE reading magazines, especially Glamour and Entertainment Weekly, and also Time. Scrangie's blog is what inspired me to start this blog, which is mostly just for me to record my thoughts. Like a diary, but who keeps a diary anymore in this technology-obsessed day and age?

So anyways...that's all you need to know, if ever you happen to be reading this.

Also...I'm a Gemini! And I like taking pictures but my camera is broken. And I have been diagnosed with a mild case of OCD. But, ANYWAYS! I'm done for now. Seriously, this time.

Love and introductions to all, Cat