Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Unignorable -- Franken

Another post in such close proximity to my previous two?! Yep, believe it! I'm really getting into the groove, posting my frankens. I really really really love them. And it helps that my camera's actually been working lately (shocking!!).
Anyways, this is Something Unignorable. Name? From the song "Shut Up and Let Me Go" by the Ting Tings. Love that song, love that band, love the lyric..."You're not adorable, I want something unignorable!" I've been feeling that way lately about a certain person in my life that's been uber-confusing lately...but, ahem, anyways...this post is about my lovely franken. I thought the name was fitting because this polish actually is kinda unignorable, for me at least.
Pictures first or story? Hmm we'll go with pictures.

Click to enlarge them for sure, the close ups look realllly nice!
Purple!! Now for the backstory on it. It started off as my mini bottle of Essie Turquoise and Caicos (now that Essie's gone retail, I have unlimited access to full size bottles of it! Muahaha). T & C is probably one of my favorite nail polishes, if not very favorite. I must've added some kind of red or purple to it...not for sure on that, all I remember is thinking, Hmm, how can I make this a unique color, not just any other purple creme? And then I had an epiphany: foil.
Well, actually it wasn't really an epiphany. I just saw a random bottle of Aerie nail polish (yes, Aerie made nail polish...a couple colors around Christmas). I believe it's called...Wish, maybe? Yeah, I think so. Anyways, it's the standard silver foil. I added a little bit to my color...shake shake shake...and out comes this lovely. Ahh. I love that it's a really nice shade of purple...not too blue or red, actually it's pretty blue but like I said, not TOO much so. It's not a blurple. It's totally purple, for sure.
I love how the foil peeks out just's not overpowering the base, but the teeny flakes aren't all hidden and lumpy looking. Seriously, enlarge the can see how wonderful the foil looks in it. Ahh can't even say how much I love this. (Although it doesn't claim the spot of Favorite Franken in my collection!)
My nails are pretty short right now...actually, they'll be short for quite a while to come. I have to start keeping them short now for atheletics right now...but that's a different story so I won't get into it. Either way, I personally feel like I'm able to rock any length, so I'm fine with what I've got.

You know what I just realized?! I recently wore one of my AMAZING frankens, You Can't Handle Me (also known as Soft Hair) and didn't take any pics of it. Ugh. Maybe I'll do that soon. I have 35, I think, total goal is to photograph all of them and post them here for my (imaginary) readers. And make more, of course, once I accumulate some more mini bottles. And I still have to photo Real or Not Real...and Glitter Forest...and sooo many others...oh geez, this is turning into a project! ...I love it.
I've been really into wearing my frankens lately, like I choose wearing them over new OPIs and China Glazes and stuff. Wow. I haven't even worn most of my China Glaze Tronicas yet...crazy!! I feel such a sense of...accomplishment when I wear my frankens. Like I've created something truly unique and one of a kind, a little more beauty added to this world. You know what would be fun? Having my own line of lacquer. That would be my dream come true. But anyways.

Sincerely for tonight, Cat

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sutton -- Franken

Another franken post!! Wow, I can't believe I'm posting again, like 4 days after my last post...maybe I'll start posting somewhat regularly now?! (I know, that's probably just crazy talk)
Anyways, this is Sutton. The story behind the name (there's ALWAYS a story behind a franken name!)...actually, there's a few reasons. One, I love the name Sutton. Adore it. Two, I recently purchased a new Coach purse named the Sutton and I love it. It's the most adorable little crossbody bag with the traditional C emblem all over...ahh. Anyways. Also, I read Sara Shepard's book "The Lying Game" not too long ago, and the main character is named Sutton. Yes, I know it's total YA fluff, was my kind of book. I love fluff books. And I really liked the character Sutton.
I've been saving the name Sutton for a really good franken. I think this one achieved that. I usually start out frankens with no real goal in mind...I just mix till I make an awesome color. It's therapeutic.
...Shall I get on with the actual post now?

Click to enlarge 'em. The close-ups are nice. My favorite thing about frankens...the tiny details that somehow end up in there. The red shimmer in this. Ahhhh. And there's some regular silver shimmer in there too...but, I mean, red? I have no idea how it ended up in there, but it adds so much to it. I love it.
This started off as Essie Playa Del Platinum...a grayish creme. I sooo adore how it ended up. Turquoise is truly my favorite nail color. I don't pick favorites, but...I sincerely love turquoise. I think I like Sutton even better than Essie Turquoise and Caicos, just because this has the awesome shimmer. Side note: I'm wearing this on my toes right now, and it looks super cute!

So, that's Sutton. And that's all I have for ya for now. Sincerely, Cat

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Scorch (my first franken post!)

A random post, a random topic. Here's a franken of mine that I recently wore (I didn't actually "make" it recently...I made it last fall!). BTW: franken as in "frankenpolish", or in other a words a polish that someone mixes up themselves.
This is "The Scorch", named after the setting of James Dashner's wonderful novel "The Scorch Trials." The cover somewhat inspired the name, I's a desert-type view with a nice pink-y sunset (although a storm is a-brewin'! Oh noes). Without further ado...

A nice pink with lots of silvery micro-glitter, and some larger pieces of silver glitter and red glitter. More info on my frankens: I mainly use mini Essie or OPI bottles of colors that were boring/didn't like/already have a full size bottle of/etc. This one I made from my mini bottle of Essie's Walk Down the Aisle, from last year's wedding collection. It was just a white creme...boring! I can't really remember what all is in this, I know I put in some Color Club Magic Attraction for the glitter in it. Some China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Essie Flirty Fuchsia (both neons...they died down with the white though). Probably some other darker red or pink. I also put a little bit of China Glaze Hologram in it (from the recent Tronica collection) to see if the polish would turn somewhat didn't.
I love frankening. It's therapeutic. I'm addicted. If only I had more mini bottles.

P.S a small disclosure--I purchased everything mentioned in this post! Plus I mixed this polish suppose I own all the rights of this polish (wait, does nail polish even have any rights...?). But anways.

Sincerely for today, Cat