Sunday, June 5, 2011

Color Club Hocus Pocus

This is an old old old post...but I figured I might as well catch up on stuff, right? This was (one of) my Halloween nail looks this past year. Which, I guess was actually over half a year ago...oops. That's besides the point, though.

(Click to enlarge and see it up close!! It looks pretty neat)
I believe this is 2(ish) coats of Color Club Hocus Pocus over a coat or two of OPI Birthday Babe (I'm telling you...I use that one sooo much!). And of course a coat of Seche Vite. HP came in CC's Halloween mini set this past year. I loved that set, and I love CC's minis, because they're not TOO small. They're just half the size of a regular .5 oz lacquer. And they don't have dinky, pain-in-the-ass way-too-tiny brushes like a lot of minis do. And the set had a nice variety....this polish, an awesome neon orange, a standard (but really nice!) black, and a cool dark purple-blue shimmer.
The formula of this wasn't too was a little thick like most glitters, but nothing unbearable. It's not like a linear holo, but it's got that nice scattered holo look, plus this awesome orange-y red glitter mixed in among the silver glitter. I layered it over the OPI silver so I wouldn't have any bald patches underneath, plus glitter removal is a total bitch and I didn't want to use 3 coats of pure glitter...I hate the removal process!!
So you might is this even a Halloween mani?? It could definitely work for any time of year. Well, first of all, the polish came in a Halloween set, so I can say it's a Halloween mani if I want to! But mostly it's because I added a bunch of Halloween decals a day or two after I took these pics...unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of it then! The decals actually came in the Color Club set too...I have to say, it looked pretty cool! Maybe kinda little kid-ish, but that's what Halloween's all about...right?! Also, I was wearing this mani (with the decals) for my Halloween party. It was pretty dang good...people still talk about it, so I figure it was a success. Anyways...

Sincerely for now, Cat

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