Friday, December 30, 2011

Tiny OPI Haul

Finally got out of the house and to the mall the other day! I've been cutting back on my polish buying, but I couldn't resist a couple OPIs...
My purchases: Nicki Minaj minis, Yoga-ta Get this Blue, and Romeo & Joliet
 Nicki Minaj mini set...comes with Did It On 'Em, Fly (wearing it now!), Pink Friday, and Save Me. Technically, the box says it's Metallic 4 Life, but it's actually Save Me...typo much? Lol. Anyways, my Trade Secret surprisingly had this collection, but there really weren't any true standouts that I HAD to have a full bottle of, so I figured I might as well just get the minis and try a couple colors out. Like I said, I'm wearing Fly right now, but I'm gonna wear the others soon too. I'm excited to try Save Me...OPI did a bar glitter! Yay!!
 Yoga-ta Get this Blue. This is a backup other one is like half gone. I use it a lot for frankening.
Romeo & Joliet. Not really sure why I bought this one...well, actually, for the name! Lol. I love Romeo and Juliet...the play, the movies, all of it. The color's not bad either though, haha!

So that's all for now I guess...just wanted to show my tiny haul!

Sincerely, Cat


  1. That sucks the box was mislabeled. I really want Metallic 4 Life, I think it's my favourite one in the collection.

  2. Yeah I was really confused at first! I thought maybe it was just my box, but all of the boxes at my Trade Secret said Metallic 4 Life but had Save Me...weird. Metallic is really pretty though, I agree!

  3. so jealous! i can't wait to get this collection. what do you think of it!?

  4. I didn't really like it much at first from the promo pics, but now that I've actually seen it it's definitely growing on me. I didn't think the cremes were very unique but I haven't found any dupes in my collection so I'm pretty satisfied!