Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New franken -- Shake It Out

I'm uber-excited about this...I haven't worn it yet but I couldn't wait to post even just the bottle shots!

On the left in both of the pics above is my newest franken...on the left is my (almost gone...) bottle of OPI Mad as a Hatter. I wasn't going for a specific goal with this franken...I just wanted to make a rainbow glitter in a clear base, so I just used an empty mini RapiDry bottle and mixed together a little bit of all the Burlesque glitters and some other random glitters...and it ended up somewhat resembling MAAH! I was sooo beyond thrilled.
I wanted to find a really great name for this. A lot of times when I name my frankens, I'm inspired by my favorite songs at the moment, recent experiences, etc. etc. etc. So, I recently downloaded Florence + the Machine's new song, Shake It Out. It's beyond great! I can't stop listening to (and singing along to) it. Such a pretty song; I love her voice, and the lyrics are's a beautiful song/meaning/etc once you listen a little deeper. I've had a couple...I suppose you could call them..."tough" days lately, and I've really connected with this song, and it's really helped me through.
Anyways, enough about that...onto something more interesting! I swatched these on tape...
Mad as a Hatter on left, Shake it Out on right

SIO left, MAAH right
Sorry for the weird pictures, haha, but it works...this is one coat of each. Click to enlarge to see it better!! Obviously it's not a dupe or anything, but there's definite similarities. I'm just really glad I could make something somewhat like MAAH because I haven't used it in about a year and a bottle's almost gone so I'm saving it for special occasions only, but I really want to use it! So now I can use this and not worry about it, since I can just make more whenever I need to!

Speaking of Florence, her new album came out yesterday...O. M. G. I adore her music so freaking much. And this album is even more amazing than I thought possible. Trust me.

Sincerely, Cat

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