Monday, November 7, 2011

OPI Roadhouse Blues

with flash

without flash

This is OPI Roadhouse Blues, from this fall's Touring America collection. Let me start off by saying this is the second time I've worn this in the past month(ish). That's saying a LOT, because I never usually wear the same color twice in, like, the same year, let alone month.
I have 4 polishes from the Touring America collec, and this is the only one I've worn. I originally wasn't going to buy this because I thought, meh, just a navy creme. I was way off on that!
This is super gorgeous, but my favorite part of this polish is the amazing application. I used 2 coats and one of Seche Vite and it just applied soo amazingly...for some reason the brush on this one seemed even better than usual, and the color is so even and pigmented. Just wonderful.
This definitely fulfilled my craving for dark polish (well, temporarily, anyways). It's so's just one of those staple colors that you need in your collection.
I should really stop rambling now and just finish off by saying...I adore this polish!

Sincerely, Cat


  1. I like this one a lot!! I almost got it the other day! Urrg! top of my polish list now! <3