Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sephora friends/family sale haul

My order from Sephora's family and friends sale came in the mail the other day...yay!
 Not too much, but I was pretty pumped to get it!! Closer pics...
Nails Inc "The Donmar Collection." Comes with Donmar overcoat and Chelsea polish...the next pics show them better.

 Donmar word...FLAKIES!! Sadly enough, I don't have Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure or Nubar 2010 or any of those other flakies, so I'm super excited to finally have this! I've layered it over a few colors already and I love it!

 Plum Black Chelsea polish. I don't know if this is just called Chelsea, because that's what the bottle says, or if it's called Plum Black Chelsea, because that's what the box and the website say...? Well, whatever. Either way, it's a dark burgundy. Looks pretty but nothing new.

 Urban Decay Original Primer Potion...I haven't bought one of these new squeeze tube bottles before! My genie tube just ran out, though...not sure how I feel about this new style yet. Yeah, it's more convenient and WAY easier to get all the remaining primer out of the bottom, and it doesn't dry out as quickly, but the genie bottles were so darn cute!!

Sephora Professional nail files x2. Love these...they have the perfect texture. I hate files that don't have enough grit, or too much. These are the only files I use anymore. They're super cheap too...$2 each, I think? And with the sale, $1.60 each, haha...can't beat a bargain!
Sephora by OPI Naughty Is the New Nice. Picked this out because of the name, haha, but the color is's a light silvery blue foil. Adore this!
Sephora by OPI Stop Stocking Me! Hahahaha...yep, you guessed it, I bought this for the name. But, of course, I like the color too. I think the website describes it as golden plum or something like that. It's a really pretty, shimmery purple with beautiful gold veining running through the bottle. Seriously, though...I saw this name, added this to my cart, and wouldn't let myself take it out of the cart.
Good Tidings We Bling. This is an online exclusive, so obviously that justified buying this! Haha. This is a clear base filled with different sizes of red and green glitter...some small, some larger hex glitter. This is uber pretty...I just kinda wish it wasn't in a clear base. I love glitter so much more in a colored base!

Illamasqua Baptiste...I had to take a pic of the box too, of course, since this is my first Illamasqua! This is a super pretty dark purple shimmer...I'm wearing it as a pedi right now and I love it! The only thing I'm not too fond of is that the cap sometimes doesn't line up perfectly with the bottle, but it's not that big of a deal.

So, that's my haul for now!!

Sincerely, Cat


  1. Nice haul! That flakie polish looks awesome(: I'm still working on my UD Primer Potion cause I have the extra large size... can't wait to get the new squeeze tube once I'm done though!

  2. Thanks!! I've always thought the XL size bottles were so cool looking, for some reason, lol...I have to admit, not sure if I'm loving the squeeze tube yet!