Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants

Here's my Pink Wednesday mani for this week. This is Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants, from the Glee collection.
This one is from the Glee mini set, and it's sat untried in my collection until now. You know why? Because it's pink! I hate to say it but I'm totally prejudiced against pinks...and it's weird because they usually look pretty good on nails!
So anyways, this is a medium berry-ish electric's actually pretty cool because of the purple-blue flash it shows. It's slightly darker in real life than in these pictures.
I used two coats, and it's opaque...the only issues I had were with the stupid mini brush (darn you!). It's not as apparent in pictures but there was a little bit of dragging on my pinky. Not anything too bad though.
All in all...I like it better than I expected, but still not really my cup of tea. I do love the name though!

Sincerely, Cat


  1. Cute color! I like pinks with a blue flash and I have so many of them. haha!

  2. They're definitely the most irresistible kind of pinks!