Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Lara's Theme

I've been wearing a lot of Lippmann lately. Of course, I still have a bunch of untried Lippmanns after the buy 2 get 1 free at the Nordstrom sale...mwahaha.

without flash

with flash.
This is Lara's Theme...ahh, I love this so much! I wasn't going to buy this one because, meh, it's just an orange creme. I'm so glad I did buy this...the color is SO bright and fun without being a true neon, the application was PERFECT (2 coats, but the 2nd was barely needed), and, most amazingly, these pictures were taken after 5 days of wear. Yeah, 5. I don't even wear the same nail polish for more than 2 days in a row, usually. This was a whole week (minus weekend, that is).
I used my usual Sephora by OPI base coat, 2 coats of this, and one of Seche Vite. Aside from a little bit of tipwear and the tiny bit of outgrowth, there are no chips. And you know how sometimes after a few days Seche Vite can start to shrink the polish and make it pull away from the tips (or is that just me?)? Well, none of that.
I can never even express how much I love Lippmanns...they're amazing. I don't feel bad dropping $16-18 on one anymore because they're so high quality. After the Nordstrom sale, my Lippmann collection has officially reached 21...I'm obsessed with them! Now I can't wait for the holiday collection. Wait, did I just say that I'm excited for winter?! I think I need to go lie down....

Sincerely, Cat


  1. It's so perfect! I desperately want to buy a Lippmann polish!

  2. Agreed! They're perfection in a bottle! :)