Thursday, August 25, 2011

Icing Irish Gold and OPI Green-wich Village

So, this past Sunday was the finale of the Glee Project! I don't know if anyone watches it, but me and my friend A have (had?) an obsession with it..well, mostly with one of the contestants, Damian! (If you've ever seen the show, you may recall that he's adorable and is he has an adorable Irish accent!) So when A and I went shopping a couple weeks ago, we were looking at the nail polish in Icing (she's a nail fanatic too!) and saw an awesome glitter named Irish Gold. Obviously, we both had to have it! And then we decided we'd have to coordinate when we wore it..since Damian made it into the finale, it was a perfect chance to wear it! A and I decided to use a light green base with Irish Gold over it, and it turned out pretty cute..and it was obviously a good-luck charm, since Damo won!
So without further ado..

Base coat, 2 coats of Green-wich Village, 2 coats of Irish Gold, and one of coat of Seche Vite. I officially adore this glitter! It was a dream to apply, the brush was awesome, great formula, looks super good, it didn't start to peel off in big chunks, and most surprisingly, it was totally smooth with just one coat of SV. It looks amazing layered, but I'd also like to try it alone! I have a few more Icing glitters I still haven't tried..I'm super excited to use them now!


  1. Such an awesome combo! I have that OPI and it's so funky, I love it!

  2. It's such a unique green! :)