Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Urban Decay Toxin

I wore this yesterday in honor of my good friend B's birthday. Story time: I was looking thru her polish stash a few months back, and it's pretty amazing: black label OPIs, Goldies from Bath and Body Works years ago...but that was nothing when I looked toward the back of her shelf and saw two old-timey Urban Decays. One of them being Toxin. Oh. My. Lawwwd.
I minorly flipped out, much to her amusement. Now fast forward to my birthday two months ago...opening my present from B. There's some cute Sally Hansens, some nail art pens...good stuff. And then I get to the bottom of the bag. And there's the two UDs. Greatest friend ever? Quite possibly.
Application on this was...sketchy. Lol, odd word I know, but I had some issues. I think it was mostly the brush--it doesn't load enough polish for a whole nail and I had to dip it quite a few times per nail, plus it didn't fan out well. Also it was sheer and somewhat streaky--but that's just how the color is: sheer and jelly-ish. I used 3 coats, plus Seche Vite.
The purple is pretty enough as it is, but the amazing red shimmer is what really makes this color. Sooo beautiful. And then when you tilt it or go in different lighting and the shimmer all of a sudden turns golden green....there's no words to describe it. I had a really really hard time trying to take a picture of the shift in the shimmer, and the best I could do was this pic with my phone:
You can't see the actual shimmer, but you can tell that there's that awesome green shift. I tried to capture it in the bottle shots too, but not much luck there...

Still, uber-gorgeous. I'm in love. There's not much more to say.

 PS--quick question for anyone who may have a guess: this is the other UD B gave me...and I'm not sure what the name of it is. I'm thinking it's O...I wish these were labeled! If anyone (all you UD experts out there!) has any idea, I'd much appreciate it :)

(this one is also gorgeous...haven't worn yet, but now I'm dying to!)

Sincerely for the day, Cat


  1. Jealoussss! LOVE this! The application part, not so much. But I think it's worth it in the end! :)