Friday, July 22, 2011

Franken -- Local Lake

Today I'm wearing one of my more recent frankens, Local Lake. I took a TON of pictures of this one trying to capture all the different colors of shimmer in it. The name comes from the Regina Spektor song "Genius Next Door"....I was making this color and for some reason thought of the color of a lake at night.
This is an emerald teal. I like the color of it, but what really steals the show is the shimmer...mostly blue shimmer, but every other color too: pink, gold, lots of silver, a little bit of everything. It was really hard to get it to show up in pictures, but you can sort of see it in some of these pics if you enlarge them.
I used two coats of LL and one of Seche Vite. It was nice and pigmented, not jelly-ish or super streaky like a lot of my frankens turn out. It seems like a lot of my frankens either turn out like that, or really thick and gloopy. This one was neither. I really like how it turned out!

Sincerely, Cat


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  2. Nice green! I haven't been able to franken a good green yet!

  3. Will do, euzefelus!

    I always have issues with greens...seems like they always turn out teal!