Monday, September 20, 2010

My favorite green

I don't have a very favorite color (I like ALL of them equally! :] ), but I do know a good green when I see one. And I'm here today to show you my favoritest green! Now let's get started...

I really like Sephora by OPI. I could probably live in Sephora. My greatest dream in life is to work at Sephora...don't even ask me why. And when they started selling a full range of nail polish there (last summer, I think?), I thought my little heart almost wouldn't be able to take it. Naturally, given my love of Sephora and OPI, they are great combined.

This past spring, the 6-piece collection was a hodge-podge of modern art influences and flowers...erm, yeah. It was, very creatively, titled "Modern Flowers." I started off getting the set of 4 minis (see? Minis are, like, my life!), but I really loved one particular color in the set. The other three were kind of duds...a really good glitter, but mini bottles of glitter only have enough polish for maybe one full mani; an average purple creme, nothing terrible, nothing groundbreaking; and a TERRIBLE light pinkish-purple (I'll post about that one very soon!) But, the set was worth it, because of...

Leaf Him At the Altar. Punny! Crappy name aside, this is a fantaaastic green. When I first saw it, I thought, "Eh, green. Looks good, but not GREAT." Wow, was I wrong!

This color is sooo delicious. I don't know much about skin tones, but I think I flattered my pale skin pretty well. It's green with a sort of gold shimmer, but I don't really think words describe it very well. Pictures don't do it justice either (especially my crappy webcam pics!), but I'll give you a glimpse into the magnificence (is that even a word??) that is LHAtA.

See? The picture is terrible. But the polish is AWESOME. My nails were at a really good length then, too (this pic was taken around May). I just HAD to buy a full size bottle of this!

Usually, I wear a polish once and then it sits in the drawer forever. This summer, though, it was pretty crazy, because I used this polish THREE TIMES. And that was just on my fingernails! I also used it at least twice on my toes, and it held up sooo well, considering that I wear flip-flops every day. I think it literally lasted on my toes for two weeks! Impressive!

Well, this post is getting quite long, so I better end it. Until next time...

Love and leaves to all, Cat


  1. Pretty sexy. Don’t you like puns full stops, or is it just the lame ones usually found inside newspapers and Christmas crackers?

  2. Oh, I just LOVE puns! My favorite are, I have to say, any holiday-related ones, especially Halloween. Ghosts and vampires make for the best puns!

  3. I love that polish! Now your raving has made me crave going to sephora! I'm following you now!