Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Current playlist

What I have on repeat lately:
-Oxford Comma--Vampire Weekend
-Anything by Regina Spektor...mostly Soviet Kitsch right now
-Memories--Weezer (an album inspired by Lost? Hell yeah!)
-Marina and the Diamonds...again, pretty much all of The Family Jewels album
-I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer--the Cardigans (I really only started listening to this song for the title, but I'm basically addicted to it now)
-Penny Sparkle--Blonde Redhead
-The Lobster Quadrille--Franz Ferdinand (I love FF and I love Alice in Wonderland...although the recent movie sucked)
-Follow Me Down--3OH!3 feat Neon Hitch (I hate 3OH!3 but I love this song)
-Clap Your Hands--Sia
-The Pierces's album 13 Tales of Love and Revenge...especially Go To Heaven...God, I love that song!
-Anya Marina's cover of Whatever You Like (originally by some rapper...T.I, I think?)
-F*** You!--Cee-Lo
-Any Lily Allen, pretty much
-Robyn's new Body Talk Pt. 2...and Body Talk Pt. 1, still, of course.
-Zombie--the Cranberries
-and...embarrassingly...Tear It Down, from Camp Rock 2. I know, I know, it's a cheesy little Disney Channel movie, but seriously. It's uber-catchy and it's total bubble-gum-hip-hop. I absolutely love it.
Wow...that's a longer list than I expected to write!

Love and Cranberries to all, Cat


  1. Can’t stop listening to F*** You! either. I love the pure frankness. No hiding behind etiquette, no poetic emo bullcrap, it’s just a literal f*** you!

  2. It's liberating. Cee-lo is amazing. I love blasting it in my car!

  3. As you pass the kindergarten school on the corner? :P

  4. Ha. Actually, there's worse language spray-painted on the sign at the end of my street (which was, by chance, just vandalized this weekend...). Funny thing is, I live less than 2 blocks from an elementary school.