Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello to all

Hi everyone! For some reason (I'm assuming this blog isn't going to be hopping with visitors or anything anytime soon) I thought I would just include a little article-y blurb thing on me. So, anyways, here goes.

I love nail polish, and books (I just finished Mockingjay!!!), and Billy Joel, and cheerleading, and alternative-pop music (especially Regina Spektor, and The Pierces), and marching band. I love algebra but HATE geometry! I have a natural knack for spelling and grammar. I LOVE reading magazines, especially Glamour and Entertainment Weekly, and also Time. Scrangie's blog is what inspired me to start this blog, which is mostly just for me to record my thoughts. Like a diary, but who keeps a diary anymore in this technology-obsessed day and age?

So anyways...that's all you need to know, if ever you happen to be reading this.

Also...I'm a Gemini! And I like taking pictures but my camera is broken. And I have been diagnosed with a mild case of OCD. But, ANYWAYS! I'm done for now. Seriously, this time.

Love and introductions to all, Cat

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