Sunday, February 26, 2012

Urban Decay/OPI Holland Haul!

My recent haul from Urban Decay, and a couple polishes from the new OPI spring collec!

24/7 Double Ended Liners set. Includes Uzi/Empire, Zero/Corrupt, and a Grind House sharpener. It's only my fifth Zero pencil, haha. Each color is half the size of a full pencil, so each double ender is the size of a full pencil...0.04 oz or whatever it is. I was really really excited for this because the greatest brown ever (Corrupt) and the greatest silver ever (Uzi) are in it, which were only in the 15th Anni set before. I was kinda stressing about using up my full pencils of those, but now I have these! Lol. And Empire is a new color, I think exclusive to this set for now. It seems nice. I've only really tested it out before, I haven't actually used it in a look, so I probably will soon.
24/7 Liner Duo. Includes full size Whiskey and Flipside, and a Grind House. And now here's my fourth Grind House, lol. This was on sale and it was pretty much like the greatest deal was only $14 I think! It's a liner costs $19 normally, and the sharpener is $ it's a serious bargain, haha. Plus, I only had minis of Whiskey before (from my original Naked palette that came with the double ended liner, not the brush; and from the 24/7 Jackpot that I got a year or two ago around Christmas time), and I didn't have any Flipside liners, so it's a win-win. Pretty liners, great price. Can't beat it.
24/7 Concealer in CIA. Which is the lightest shade, lol. I bought one of these back in the summer, in the old packaging, and it's just now getting down to a stub, so it's perfect timing that they brought these back. I have to say, this new packaging is soo much more attractive. The formula seems pretty much the same though, maybe a little less cake-y if anything. It's great under my eyes, where it's always really dark. Also good on dark spots. It's nice and light.
Sample of Afterglow Cheek Tint in Quickie. I don't wear anything on my cheeks but maybe I'll get around to using this someday, lol. I was really hoping my free sample would be lip gloss again, but ya win some ya lose some, as they say...
Swatches of liners...Whiskey, Flipside, Zero, Corrupt, Uzi, Empire.
I also went into Trade Secret recently to check out the new OPI Holland collec...these were the 3 that really stood out to me. From left, I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?, and Vampsterdam. I like the names in this collec. I've already worn Rotterdam and Dutch (posts coming soon), and I just have to say they're phenomenal. Now I really want the rest of the collec, because I can tell OPI hit it out of the park.

Ugh...why won't that last pic line up correctly?!? What da hecckkk. Lol

Sincerely, Cat

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  1. Coool =) I was thinking of drawing on paper with these pencils, haha =) Nice colours on your hand btw =)