Saturday, February 18, 2012

OPI Big Hair...Big Nails

Just a quick nail...OPI Big Hair...Big Nails, from last spring's Texas collection. I really liked that collection. I know it got hated on a lot, but I thought it was great. This was my favorite from the collection.
The first pic is of it as my Valentine's 2011 mani...a whole year ago! Wow. And then my sorry attempts at photoing this...with flash, it turned out pure berry/pink, and without, it turned out totally orange. Urghhh. The 1st pic is actually pretty accurate.
I used 2 coats of this I believe...maybe 3? It could use 3, being a jelly and all (oops, I mean "sorbet"! lol). But 2 works just fine. I seriously love this color So. Much. Such a fun, bright color...but since it's a jelly it's not just the basic red. And the name? Super cute. Might need a backup of this...

Sincerely, Cat


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    oh and i really like the nail color,, :)

  2. Nice shades! :)

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