Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiny weekend haul!

Just a few polishes I picked up this weekend! From left, Icing After Party, OPI Number One Nemesis, and OPI Into the Night.
I saw After Party at Icing and I knew I couldn't leave without it. Look at that glitter! I don't own any other glitters like it. It's a mix of mostly pink, orange, blue, and gold shattered-looking's full of different sized shards of glitter. It is so, so, cool. I've worn it once and I wish I had it in a million other colors, because I know I'm gonna be using it a lot.
My Trade Secret also just got the OPI Spiderman collec in...these were the only 2 that really stood out to me. I thought about getting the orange one, but it didn't look, at all. It had a cute name, but it looked super familiar. Pass.
Anyways, just a short little post! I'll hopefully have swatches of these up soon!

Sincerely, Cat