Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OPI Wing It! (with glitter gradient)

Here's OPI Wing It! 2 coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite. Thought about using 3 coats but I kind of like how it looks with just a tiny bit of VNL. Such a pretty color...I use this a lot. Makes a nice pedi. Beautiful pink/red/almost orange at certain angles, with blue-ish glass fleck shimmer. Hard to describe, but just gorgeous. Wish this was still available, my bottle's running pretty low. Hard to believe this was released 2 years ago...seems like it was just the other day. 2010 was a good year for OPI. What was it, Hong Kong and Swiss collections? Alice in Wonderland? Shrek...yeah, that was a good year. Maybe not Burlesque. I wasn't a huge fan of that collection. It wasn't terrible, though. Speaking of which...

Right before I took this off, I decided to mess with it a little. I've always wanted to try a gradient but all the ones I've done have turned out really bad...this time I tried a glitter that totally contrasted with the base color and it turned out kinda cool I think. I didn't actually wear my nails like this (I took it off right after I took these pics), but I would consider doing this type of mani for real. For this, I used OPI Bring on the Bling, from the Burlesque collection (see, I think the Burlesque glitters are actually better for layering, not for wearing by themselves). I like the contrast between the pink and gold...I think it'd look cool using like silver with green glitter, or blue with pink...I think I'll play around with combos sometime. Then maybe I can actually get good at this kinda stuff...I suck at nail art. Haha.

Sincerely, Cat

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