Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Scorch (my first franken post!)

A random post, a random topic. Here's a franken of mine that I recently wore (I didn't actually "make" it recently...I made it last fall!). BTW: franken as in "frankenpolish", or in other a words a polish that someone mixes up themselves.
This is "The Scorch", named after the setting of James Dashner's wonderful novel "The Scorch Trials." The cover somewhat inspired the name, I's a desert-type view with a nice pink-y sunset (although a storm is a-brewin'! Oh noes). Without further ado...

A nice pink with lots of silvery micro-glitter, and some larger pieces of silver glitter and red glitter. More info on my frankens: I mainly use mini Essie or OPI bottles of colors that were boring/didn't like/already have a full size bottle of/etc. This one I made from my mini bottle of Essie's Walk Down the Aisle, from last year's wedding collection. It was just a white creme...boring! I can't really remember what all is in this, I know I put in some Color Club Magic Attraction for the glitter in it. Some China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Essie Flirty Fuchsia (both neons...they died down with the white though). Probably some other darker red or pink. I also put a little bit of China Glaze Hologram in it (from the recent Tronica collection) to see if the polish would turn somewhat didn't.
I love frankening. It's therapeutic. I'm addicted. If only I had more mini bottles.

P.S a small disclosure--I purchased everything mentioned in this post! Plus I mixed this polish suppose I own all the rights of this polish (wait, does nail polish even have any rights...?). But anways.

Sincerely for today, Cat

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