Monday, April 11, 2011

Sutton -- Franken

Another franken post!! Wow, I can't believe I'm posting again, like 4 days after my last post...maybe I'll start posting somewhat regularly now?! (I know, that's probably just crazy talk)
Anyways, this is Sutton. The story behind the name (there's ALWAYS a story behind a franken name!)...actually, there's a few reasons. One, I love the name Sutton. Adore it. Two, I recently purchased a new Coach purse named the Sutton and I love it. It's the most adorable little crossbody bag with the traditional C emblem all over...ahh. Anyways. Also, I read Sara Shepard's book "The Lying Game" not too long ago, and the main character is named Sutton. Yes, I know it's total YA fluff, was my kind of book. I love fluff books. And I really liked the character Sutton.
I've been saving the name Sutton for a really good franken. I think this one achieved that. I usually start out frankens with no real goal in mind...I just mix till I make an awesome color. It's therapeutic.
...Shall I get on with the actual post now?

Click to enlarge 'em. The close-ups are nice. My favorite thing about frankens...the tiny details that somehow end up in there. The red shimmer in this. Ahhhh. And there's some regular silver shimmer in there too...but, I mean, red? I have no idea how it ended up in there, but it adds so much to it. I love it.
This started off as Essie Playa Del Platinum...a grayish creme. I sooo adore how it ended up. Turquoise is truly my favorite nail color. I don't pick favorites, but...I sincerely love turquoise. I think I like Sutton even better than Essie Turquoise and Caicos, just because this has the awesome shimmer. Side note: I'm wearing this on my toes right now, and it looks super cute!

So, that's Sutton. And that's all I have for ya for now. Sincerely, Cat

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