Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sephora by OPI Trend Tips in Feathers

Polish strips have been my jam lately! One of my friends gave me a box of the Sally Hansen ones for my birthday and I really, really liked them, so when I found these ones at Sephora, I had to try them out. How cute is the design?!
These pictures were taken one week after I put the strips on. I think they held up really well, considering how long my nails are and how harsh I am on my nails, lol. Aside from a little tipwear, I had no chips or any damage after a week. The only sort of wear I noticed was along my cuticles. On the nails where I didn't press the strips on quite as well, the strips started to lift a teensy bit, but none of them started peeling or anything like that.
Application on these was like other polish strips I've tried. Start with bare nails, find the strip that fits, detach it, peel off the clear part, and peel off the backing. Then of course smooth them onto your nail and file off the excess. I find application on strips is easy but fairly time consuming. I love not having to wait for them to dry, though. I also liked that it seemed especially easy to file off the excess on these...on some thicker strips I've tried, it seems like it's more difficult to file off the ends, and they end up all ragged and catching on stuff...not these. I was disappointed though that the tiniest strip was too skinny for my pinky, but the next size up was too wide. I ended up using the smallest one, and since there was a huge gap between the strip and my skin, I cut off a little of another strip and put it on the gap. It blended in perfectly and surprisingly it worked out pretty well.
Another thing I don't like is that there's 16 strips in here, enough to get 2 manicures out of if you work carefully, but they're all packaged together, so you have to use them all at once or they'll dry out. I only used 10 or 11 strips (if I tried, and if my nails were shorter, you'd only need 5 for a full manicure) so I was left with 5 or 6 strips, and they were all the bigger sizes. Perfect for toenails, but I'd already done a pedicure. I ended up putting them back in the foil wrapper and taping it shut so maybe (I'm hoping!) they won't completely dry out and I can use them for a pedicure soon. If they do dry out, oh well. I still got a week's manicure out of it.
I don't feel like the price on these is too bad. They were $12, but I imagine if I had the patience to keep a manicure on for more than a week that these would last AT LEAST 2 weeks. Sadly, I can't even imagine keeping a manicure for more than a week...I get way too antsy. I need change, lol! Seriously, I start getting anxious to change my nails if I don't do them at least every other day, if not every day. Sad but true.
I think it's funny though...I've had a lot of people lately ask if my nails are fake, but they think I did this manicure myself, when it's the other way around. My nails are real, but my mani's fake, lol! I wish I could do these nails myself. Ha.

Sincerely, Cat


  1. omg that is soooo pretty!!!!! i personally think it's a tad pricey, but your design seems worth the splurge! :D

  2. these are really cute!