Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random nails

Some random nails, just for fun. Two posts in one night...weird, right?

China Glaze Lemon Easter nails this year!! Wonderful formula but I must say...I hate ChG brushes!! I basically only use OPI so I guess I'm pretty spoiled...I love their ProWide brushes! After using mainly those for, like, ever and then using a ChG, it was really weird to use the teeny, skinny brush. So, I'm sorry the application on it looks so crappy!! Other than that, like I said, the polish itself was wonderful. I've never seen a yellow so opaque in two coats before. And it's not even all streaky and uneven. Beautiful.

OPI Guy Meets Gal-veston. From their spring Texas collection. It's one of the "sorbet" colors, AKA jellies. It's so beautiful and the application is wonderful. I'll leave it at that.

China Glaze Virtual Violet. Shown is two coats with one coat of base coat underneath, no top coat. From the Tronica collection. This pic (and collection, actually) is old old news...pic was taken 3/16/11...that's two months ago tomorrow!
Like everyone's been saying...not as holo as expected. That goes for pretty much the whole collection. It's not bad by any means, but everyone was expecting OMG/Kaleidoscope collection 2.0. It's not. I still really like it...but I had high hopes. I missed out on both of those previous collections, so when I saw promos for this I thought, "WOW, I finally have another chance!" Tronica isn't even close. But either way, I'm still a fan of this color.

So anyways, I'm glad I got these pics on here finally! Yea!

Sincerely (AGAIN!) for today, Cat


  1. These are really cute! love the blog and It would be great if you could check out mine! keep up the good work! <3

  2. Thanks!! And thanks for the your blog too!! I'll definitely be following :)